“GreenTech Hub” starts its activities in Lithuania: aiming for a breakthrough in the field of green innovations


The activities of “GreenTech Hub” will encompass three main areas: support services for innovation, promotion of green technologies and digitalization solutions development, and the development and support of international networking in green economy sectors.

“Every fourth company in Lithuania already implements various environmental innovations. This number needs to grow. Our goal is to transition to a circular economy by 2050 and become a fully climate-neutral state. This is precisely the transformation that ‘GreenTech Hub’ will aim for,” says Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.

The task of the “GreenTech Hub” team is to contribute to the progress of the green economy by focusing on the most impactful technological and political measures, promoting faster development of green innovations.

The new department of the Innovation Agency will not only provide consultation and other services to businesses on a one-stop-shop principle but will also focus on raising awareness of sustainability in business and society. It will also encourage the involvement of Lithuanian companies, as well as scientific and educational institutions, in targeted international networks focused on green innovations.

“We aim to give a new impetus to Lithuania’s green innovation sector and encourage businesses to engage more in this area. Consultations provided on a one-stop-shop basis will help companies understand and better prepare for regulatory changes and take advantage of European Union and national funding for circularity and green solutions areas. Green economy has already received investments of up to 268 million euros; our task is to ensure that companies actively use the available opportunities, create and implement green innovations,” says Teresa Škutaitė, head of the Innovation Agency’s “GreenTech Hub”.

According to her, an equally important task is to raise public awareness of sustainability, emphasizing the importance of circular economy principles and the need for green innovations.

“We also understand that today’s environmental challenges are global, so overcoming them requires international cooperation, which can open up more opportunities for Lithuanian companies. Therefore, we will pay great attention to promoting networking and integrating our country into international value chains,” says T. Škutaitė.

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