Greentech Forum Vilnius highlights Baltic cleantech

On November 23rd, Greentech Forum Vilnius celebrated its 17th edition, emerging as a pivotal event in the energy, transportation, and green economy sectors. This gathering of visionaries, industry leaders, and professionals has consistently played a central role in shaping the discourse around sustainable development.

Between the distinguished participants, Cleantech for Baltics took the stage as an event partner with two notable contributors. Kädi Ristkok, the CEO of Cleantech for Baltics and Cleantech Estonia, engaged in a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Why should startups and unicorns developing green technologies be at the center of attention for investors and business leaders?” alongside experts such as Rokas Pečiulaitis (Head at Contrarian Ventures), Audrius Milukas (Head at Open Circle Capital), Anton Adamovitch (Head of Entrepreneurial Vector at Commercialization Reactor). This dynamic conversation dissected the financial catalysts propelling the expansion of green technology, exploring how strategic investments can craft a greener future for the world.

“The importance of cleantech extends beyond business—it’s a collective investment in a cleaner, more sustainable world that benefits us all,” emphasized Kädi Ristkok. The discussion also equipped cleantech startups seeking capital, investors aiming to diversify with eco-conscious ventures, and policymakers who wished to decode the economic currents driving eco-innovation with critical insights.

Simultaneously, Laima Balčiūnė, the Director Lithuania at Cleantech for Baltics and CEO of Sunrise Tech Park, played a vital role in the “Session on Green Progress of Democracies”. Joined by Eduardas Eigirdas (Editor-in-Chief at Valstybė), Remigijus Lapinskas (Head at Lithuanian Green Policy Institute), Tatjana Paulauskienė (Head at Inobiostar) and Tautvydas Mikalajūnas (Editor-in-Chief at, the panel delved into the kind of leadership required to garner public trust and support for the green transformation of the state.

The panel discussion went beyond mere discussions of mitigating climate change, extending its focus to reducing the use of fossil fuels. This shift reflects a collective concern for a safer future for humanity and a desire to decrease support for geopolitical concerns, including the Russian regime and its associated conflicts. Panelists engaged in a lively debate about the political leadership necessary to ensure a smoother and faster green transformation.

During the discussion, Laima Balčiūnė shared her insights on the challenges of being a leader in green transformation within the political sphere. She emphasized that society must mature in understanding the long-term impacts of decisions, stating, “What matters is not what will happen in a year or a few, but what will happen in 10-15 years or even more.” L. Balčiūnė stressed the importance of leading by example, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and fostering collaboration with entrepreneurs and politicians to achieve a common “green” objective.

Tatjana Paulauskienė echoed these sentiments, expressing a desire for more visionaries capable of shaping long-term, ambitious goals. “I would like to see more visionaries—people capable of shaping long-term ambitious goals that inspire others to pursue innovations and seek creative solutions,” she asserted. T. Paulauskienė believes that this form of leadership extends beyond the green transformation, contributing to broader progress.

Greentech Forum Vilnius remains committed to creating high-quality content and serving as a platform for decision-makers, business representatives, and academics to contribute to the realisation of sustainable, safe, competitive, and efficient energy and transportation systems in Lithuania, the region, and the European Union through meaningful discussions. Reflecting on the insights shared at this year’s event, it becomes clear that the path to a greener future lies in visionary leadership, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to long-term sustainability.


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