We build bridges between the cleantech community and the Baltics policy-makers to help understand the potential and impact and put cleantech innovation at the centre of the public debate.

Cleantech for Baltics Main Priorities 2024

Develop the established “Cleantech for Baltics” coalition to a strong community of investors start-ups, scale-ups and support organizations across the three Baltic states. This will be achieved through the identification of the needs of coalition members and the implementation of activities that meet those needs.

Act as the unified voice of the cleantech sector, inform and engage with policymakers, and raise the profile of cleantech in the regional public debate. This will be achieved through engagement with local and EU policy development, the publication of quarterly reports, and other communication and networking activities.

Promote regional collaboration and raise the profile of Baltic cleantech at the EU level. This will be achieved through participation in regional events with relevant audiences and the development of joint policy positions and open letters.

Main Activities

Gathering, analysing, publishing and diffusing condensed and topical information on the Baltic cleantech sector, encompassing company performance, ecosystem developments, and policy updates.

Regular events for target groups. These events will provide valuable opportunities for members to network and collaborate with each other.

Engaging the target groups in local, Baltic and the EU policy development, focusing on areas defined by each coalition.

Participation at regional events with relevant audiences with the aim to represent Cleantech for Baltics target groups.

Meet Our Team

Kädi Ristkok


Imants Martinsons

Director Latvia

Laima Balčiūnė

Director Lithuania

Kaija Veskioja

Research Director

Erki Ani

Strategic Advisor

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